happy birthday millie

I love Millie more than any other dog I’ve ever had. I feel a little guilty saying that because I have another beloved dog, Lolo, a gentle geezer who has eyes only for me. I love Millie more because of her disability. She lost her sight and developed glaucoma two years ago, and we made the decision to have her eyes removed to relieve the pain.

Millie photographed with the Hipstamatic app using the Tinto 1884 lens and the D-Type Plate "film"

Millie photographed with the Hipstamatic app using the Tinto 1884 lens and the D-Type Plate “film”

Millie drawn by artist James Cooper. studio cooper.com

Millie drawn by artist James Cooper. studio cooper.com

Love grew because she needs a little extra help. She won’t go down stairs, so I have to carry her down when I take them for a walk. She settles in the crook of my arm as relaxed as if she were lying on the couch. It feels like she is a queen being transported in her litter. Love also grew because she doesn’t let her blindness get in the way. She doesn’t feel blind. Millie lives to play fetch and is as good a catcher as when she had sight. She likes to hunt although she was never any good at it – being too spastic and wild. Stealth was never part of her strategy. She hunts pigeons on the sidewalks of New York by smell and the sound of their feathers. I let her lunge at them on her leash and when they scatter she looks up at me, delighted with herself for a job well done. She helps Lolo hunt squirrels and dig for moles when we are at our rural homestead, which is her favorite place in the world. We made this short video of Millie on a recent walk in the woods.

Frank says we love her so much because she still looks and acts like a puppy. That is true. Happy 5th Birthday Millie.

Millie at 3 months old

Millie at 3 months old

10 thoughts on “happy birthday millie

  1. Hello Ileana + Happy Birthday Millie,

    The same day I found myself drawing Millie at the cafe, I was given a braille card by a woman at the Apple store who works with the visually impaired.

    And the drawer has worn glasses since he was two…funny coincidences, blind luck.

    Good post!


    JAMES COOPER STUDIO 917.617.9039 jcooper@studiocooper.com https://studiocooper.com/

  2. Millie is a truly amazing dog. I would love her too. We have four of Margi’s dogs and they are all special in their own way. But Honeybee, who is almost 17 years old, amazes us every day. I told Margi her name should be “Titanium” after her theme song. Happy birthday Millie. Much love.

    • Hi Linda. Thanks so much for visiting and writing and sending birthday wishes to Miss Millie. I have two of Margi’s dogs. They are so special and so is Margi. I love the name Honeybee. Much love to you back.

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