5 thoughts on “loisaida doorways II

  1. Hi Ileana,

    I’ve seen posters like Doors of Dublin or Rochester, but your doors are off the wall. Refreshing. Surprised to read that metal roll-down gates are over. Those gates and the locks that went with them seemed like quintessential NYC. Bummer. Recipes look good too. Never knew what to do with Yuca. Have to try it. You have a great eye for real style.

    Just roasted vegetables and made rice pudding with a date syrup. My pot holder is worn out and I burned my finger:

    Kind of a funny riff on cooking blogs just as your blogpost references conventional door posters and outsmarts them…ha ha!

    Jim JAMES COOPER STUDIO 917.617.9039 jcooper@studiocooper.com https://studiocooper.com/

    • Your blog is a testimony to the wonderful people of NYC. You share your passion and the lives of wonderful people there. It is refreshing and inspiring. Keep up the joy. TFT LUV FOREVER from Foxhill. xox

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