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I searched for a bathroom vanity for two years. I found only two options for miniscule New York bathrooms, either a cheap pressboard thing like I had before or super expensive designer type vanities that looked like they were meant for someone’s foyer bathroom. Everything nice and well-priced was too wide.

This pressboard vanity was installed in all the apartments in 92

I thought about taking an existing piece of furniture and sawing holes in it for the pipes and plopping a vessel sink on the top. I scoured Ebay. I looked at adapting nightstands which are narrow. I kept my eyes open at yard sales and went to Gothic Cabinet and found nothing that was under 25 inches wide, looked good, had storage and did not cost a thousand dollars. Finally, I found Ikea hit all the notes with their Godmorgon series of vanities, sinks and faucets. The whole shabang – vanity, sink and fancy faucet cost me $360!

Ikea Godmorgon vanity in grey

Godmorgon vanity with Odensvik sink and Dalskar faucet

In a tiny bathroom you have to have storage

21 thoughts on “got the vanity

  1. Looks great and wow, can’t believe the price! I’m looking for a vanity…
    Does this have legs? Is there room in the bottom drawer for things like the sponges, comet, bottles of cleaners?
    your fan,

  2. Can you refer me to your installer/plumber? I’m in NY and looking to swap out mine for this exact model too but I don’t know how it’s going to fit with my existing pipe situation. Would love to speak to someone who’s already done it!

  3. I was just looking at this lovely cabinet and sink on the Ikea website… But sadly, their online product listings don’t give much detail and my nearest store is 2 states away. I was happy to read in a previous post that the unit came with legs. Were those just included? Did your installer attach the cabinet directly to your wall? Can you describe how the plumbing fits underneath? The photo with the open drawer doesn’t show a cut out in the back to accommodate the pipe so I was wondering… Thanks!

    • Diana, thanks so much for visiting my blog. The legs were not included. I don’t much about them, because I never wanted the legs. The plumber attached the vanity to the wall. The plumbing is almost a straight angle, not like the curvy pipes you normally see under a sink. They are plastic. My plumber had to get an adaptor of some sort. So far, I’m very happy with the vanity. It looks so great and the drawers slide so smoothly. I found this pdf that has photos of everything for you:
      I hope this is helpful!

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  5. Hi Ileana,
    I just came across your blog in a search for photos of this vanity. Funny thing, I’ve been toying with the idea of Cuban cement tiles but thought my bathroom might be too small for such big patterns. Mine is about 4′ x 5′ and yours looks about the same size. One year later, how are you liking the tiles and the sink vanity? Are they holding up well?

    • Hi Lynn, I’m glad you came across my blog and found it helpful. I am super happy with my bathroom (it will be two years later this August). I used the white subway tiles everywhere for a clean look but I wanted the floors to be exhuberant. If I’d used a overly textured tile on the walls then the floor would have been too much in the small bathroom. The floor is just the right touch of pizazz without overwhelming. The upside to small spaces is that you can use luxurious materials without breaking the bank. So I splurged on the floor. Both the tiles and the vanity are just as they were when they were first put in. I could not be happier with the vanity. It looks and feels like the ones I looked at in fancy showrooms that cost over a thousand dollars. Good luck with your bathroom.

  6. Hi Ileana,

    I came across your blog because I’m working on a renovation for a small bathroom and we’re using this same vanity. Your bathroom is beautiful! I’ve been looking into Cuban cement tiles recently, so it’s great to see a success story of them installed in a tiny space.

    Just had a quick question. I see you pushed the vanity up against the side wall. When you open your drawers, do they run into the doorway trim? We are trying to prevent that very scenario.


    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for reading and writing. I love how the bathroom turned out. It is 2 years old now and looks brand new. I’m super happy with the vanity. I love how the drawers glide shut. It is very good quality. My neighbor has one that is very similar but cost him $1,000. Mine cost under $400 for the vanity, sink and faucet. The drawers do not hit the door trim. If you would like me to measure the distance for you, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to.

      • Hi Iliana, i have the same question. What is the distance from the edge of the cabinet to your door trim? I have the same set up and wondering if I’ll be able to open the drawers all the way without bumping into the doorway trim. Thanks! Great blog!

      • Hi Karen, Thanks for reading! It is 9 inches from the edge of the cabinet to the door trim. the drawer opens all the way to 14 1/2 inches. It clears the door jam because there is an inch gap away from the wall (the sink hangs over the cabinet) so that gives it the room to clear the door trim. if this is unclear, email me and I can send you a photo.

  7. Lovely vanity unit – hoping to buy the same one here in the UK! So glad to hear it is standing the test of time, do you think it would cope well with a lot of steam from a main bathroom? Are you glad you went for a glossy finish instead of the wood effect one? Jenna,

    • Hi Jenna, Thanks for visiting my blog. This is in the only bathroom in the apartment and two and a half years later, the vanity looks the same as the day it was installed. There are no signs of chipping or warping. I was worried about the sink clogging up because of the way the pipes have to be set to make room for the drawers, but that hasn’t happened. I do maintenance by periodically pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain and adding hot water. I like the glossy finish because that is what went better with the look I wanted for my bathroom. I’m super happy, it looks expensive and it was not. Good luck.

      • Thank you for your quick reply! Does the gloss streak after you’ve cleaned it – just wondered if it requires more maintenance to leave it nice and clean!

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