woolly pockets for the bathroom wall

I’m putting the finishing touches on the bathroom and I wanted to hang Woolly Pockets for an indoor garden to add drama to the stark white walls. The only visual pop in my bathroom are the Cuban tiles on the floor, the rest is clean white subway tile (see more here). My neighbor Brad gave me the idea. Our bathroom window faces the community garden adjacent to the homestead and the weeping willows can be seen as you are taking a shower. Brad said he wanted plants in his bathroom in order to extend the green into the room. I liked that thought, but our bathroom is tiny so the walls had to come into play. An extension of the outside garden in the form of a hanging garden was the vision and Woolly Pockets Wallys are perfect. I like that they are made of recycled plastic bottles. Being a lover of yarn, I like that they are felt. Felted plastic bottles that are soft and feel like wool. Beautiful.

Plants were procured from the farmer’s market. I got a Bird’s Nest fern, a Rabbit’s Foot fern, Jasmine, various Coleus plants and others. I used cuttings from old Philodendron plants that had been my mothers and grandmothers.

plants at the ready

I was very surprised at how easy it was to hang the Woolly Pockets. They give you all of the hardware, all you need is to drill a hole in the wall. You don’t even have to find a stud, the anchors that are included sit right in the sheetrock wherever you want to place the pocket.

Now, to care for them so that they flourish.

got the vanity

I searched for a bathroom vanity for two years. I found only two options for miniscule New York bathrooms, either a cheap pressboard thing like I had before or super expensive designer type vanities that looked like they were meant for someone’s foyer bathroom. Everything nice and well-priced was too wide.

This pressboard vanity was installed in all the apartments in 92

I thought about taking an existing piece of furniture and sawing holes in it for the pipes and plopping a vessel sink on the top. I scoured Ebay. I looked at adapting nightstands which are narrow. I kept my eyes open at yard sales and went to Gothic Cabinet and found nothing that was under 25 inches wide, looked good, had storage and did not cost a thousand dollars. Finally, I found Ikea hit all the notes with their Godmorgon series of vanities, sinks and faucets. The whole shabang Рvanity, sink and fancy faucet cost me $360!

Ikea Godmorgon vanity in grey

Godmorgon vanity with Odensvik sink and Dalskar faucet

In a tiny bathroom you have to have storage