got the vanity

I searched for a bathroom vanity for two years. I found only two options for miniscule New York bathrooms, either a cheap pressboard thing like I had before or super expensive designer type vanities that looked like they were meant for someone’s foyer bathroom. Everything nice and well-priced was too wide.

This pressboard vanity was installed in all the apartments in 92

I thought about taking an existing piece of furniture and sawing holes in it for the pipes and plopping a vessel sink on the top. I scoured Ebay. I looked at adapting nightstands which are narrow. I kept my eyes open at yard sales and went to Gothic Cabinet and found nothing that was under 25 inches wide, looked good, had storage and did not cost a thousand dollars. Finally, I found Ikea hit all the notes with their Godmorgon series of vanities, sinks and faucets. The whole shabang Рvanity, sink and fancy faucet cost me $360!

Ikea Godmorgon vanity in grey

Godmorgon vanity with Odensvik sink and Dalskar faucet

In a tiny bathroom you have to have storage