snow day

It was supposed to be the storm of the century and we only got a few inches so this morning’s headlines read “New York dodges a bullet”.

My friend Katy described it in this way: “I’m looking at this now like its a flash mob, only in reverse. The Mayor has sent all the New Yorkers scampering to their lairs and now the city is quieter than it has been in a century or two… world’s biggest flash mob inversion.”

Nonetheless, we got a snow day.

tompkins square park

tompkins square park


dog run in tompkins square park

dog run in tompkins square park



tompkins square park

tompkins square park

9 thoughts on “snow day

  1. I love how pristine everything looks after the snow – even our funky gritty NY city. These are wonderful pictures Ileana. I didn’t get out until everything was scraped and tidied. Thanks for the compliment of publishing my 3:30 am perspective!

  2. I obviously haven’t mastered the medium! I wrote something twice because the first didn’t appear! But there it is now …. : ) i’ll have to think about what I could write about…

  3. Oh, I love the reverse flash mob analogy! Perfect! And I envy you that snow day, even if it was less than anticipated. We’d give anything for a few flakes down here. Your photos are lovely.

    • That’s a big compliment coming from you. One of my resolutions this year is to improve my photos. I finally learned how to use Snapseed. Next up is to understand how to use a DSLR.

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