xmas is here

It was almost hot as Oona and I walked to get our Xmas tree. It was as muggy as New York gets in late July. My new glasses fogged up as we headed over to one of the many Xmas tree sale stands in lower Manhattan. They magically sprout up everywhere on the morning after Thanksgiving and their wild piney smell wafts over the city’s sidewalks delighting the passersby.

East Houston Street Xmas 2013

East Houston Street Xmas 2013

We always buy our tree late, right before Xmas because we like the tree to be fresh on that day. We examined the selection of pines propped up against a school fence, judging height of the tree and the lushness of its branches under their net cocoon. We bent the needles and smelled. Yes, it was fresh and sticky with resin. The seller was a lumberjack looking guy with a full beard and kind eyes. He made a fresh cut to the trunk and wrapped the tree in more netting and then delivered it to our apartment.

Friends and family joined us on the winter solstice to bedeck and bedazzle our tree as they do every year and I am grateful for their warmth, light and love.


Wishing you, dear readers, a holiday season full of peace and joy and a Happy New Year.

Loisaida fire escape lights

Loisaida fire escape lights

2 thoughts on “xmas is here

  1. Ileana, my two daughters and my granddaughter and I were in NYC right before the 4th of July and it was pretty muggy then. I would like to experience Christmas in NYC at least once so that is on my bucket list. Until then, you have brought a little of that experience to me and for that I thank you. May you enjoy this spiritual time with those who mean the most to you. Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014!

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