blindness is another way of seeing

One recent morning as I walked the dogs down my block, a man smiled at me and said “Is that the sleeping beauty?” I was taken by surprise, but then I recognized him as a gentleman from the neighborhood that had asked after Millie in the summer just after her operation. He was concerned then and now he asked me tenderly “How’s she doing?”. Many people have written me and asked “How’s she doing?” So here is the update. For those of you who don’t know her, Millie is a three year old Toy Fox Terrier weighing 6 pounds. Last spring she suffered a detachment of the lens of her eyes, which caused glaucoma. The pain of the glaucoma could not be controlled with medication and so three weeks after her sudden blindness, the decision was made to remove both of her eyes. I wrote her story here: The Sleeping Beauty.

Now you can see how she’s doing in this video I titled Blind Dog Fetching.

17 thoughts on “blindness is another way of seeing

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    • Hi, thank you for visiting, and I’m glad Millie is a comfort to those faced with the blindness of their beloved pets. The dogs are pure heart. They move forward.

  2. Beautiful! Millie is a remarkable little dog. Her disability is no disability to her. It’s inspiring how her other senses fill in the gap. Thanks for posting this. XXX

    • Diego, it makes me so happy to see your comment. You played fetch with her with a toy football on the afternoon she went blind and you said to me “I like her the best because she is so athletic”. See – she still is!

  3. We have 2 JRT”S blind from lens luxation. Like yours, they fly around the yard, hunt and dig like fools, fetch, fight, play tug of war, and even grab dishes to be licked and run off with them. We don’t worry about furniture placement or fence them in. They run around our property with wild abandon and love life. They are the light of our lives.

  4. Wow, Millie is beautiful and also really good at playing fetch!! Is there a bell or something in the ball? I bought a few of those when first bringing Buddy home, but he didn’t like them. He will play with his stuffed squirrel occasionally, but he won’t chase it around if I put it on a piece of cord or something. He will play tug of war if you put peanut butter on the thing being tugged… Glad to see Millie is doing well.

    • Hi,
      The balls make a thunk sound. They don’t have anything inside. Her hearing is so good because she goes pretty far. Sometimes she gets overexcited and barks during the throw and she will miss hearing where it landed. Then she will sniff it out by doing a zig zag pattern till she finds it. The ball she plays with inside the house has a recording device. It’s called a babble ball. I’ve heard some dogs are afraid of it, but Millie loves it. Thanks for reading.

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