fixing stuff with sugru

Theres not a whole lot of people in New York city who have dishwashers in their kitchens. At least not in my circle of friends. I do have one and it unchained me from the mountain of dishwashing that two children generate. It is an 18 inch dishwasher sized for a small urban kitchen. It fits in the space of a lower cabinet. It is fifteen years old and still working perfectly and bringing order to my kitchen.

The racks were starting to go. Rust was blooming from underneath and eating the plastic coating. I didn’t want to start what I knew would be a painstaking search for a replacement rack for an old machine. So I decided to figure out how to fix it.


I found this Sugru stuff by chance in a computer store. It is a nice pliable putty that you can wrap and squish around things and it air dries into moldable rubber. It comes in different colors and is heat and waterproof.


I wrapped the rust blisters and smoothed out the Sugru and now my dishwasher racks are fixed. I also have a old dish rack that was rusty on the edges but is the perfect design and size for my kitchen. I fixed it too. Keeping stuff out of the landfill.