storefront gate murals of loisaida II

One of my first blogs posts was a collection of photos of the storefront gate murals in Loisaida. These murals come and go with the opening and closing of stores so I thought it was time to do a part 2. What I like most about these murals is that someone sees the gate and feels the need to embellish the grey metal. It becomes a canvas and an excuse to add a bit of color and swirl to the cityscape.









the storefront gate murals of loisaida

In late 2009 the New York City Council voted to phase out the metal roll-down gates that cover storefronts all over New York City in favor of the gates that you see covering the storefronts inside malls. They say the roll-down gates invite graffitti and are “scary”. Not surprising, the “mall-ification” of New York City continues. We have many storefront gate murals in Loisaida. Luckily we have until 2026 until they are all gone.

5C Cafe

5C Cultural Center and Cafe

loisaida gate

Big Doves

children of loisaida

Summit Bar gate

Much of the public art in the community is created by Antonio Garcia, the artist known as Chico. The Summit Bar gate before the cocktail hour.

brand new bobwhites

New restaurant Bobwhite Counter commissioned their gate way before they opened.

Mut Gallery’s gate mural.