almost done

The light coming into the bathroom is blinding after we lived with dark green slate for so many years. I wanted a deep bathtub but cast iron was beyond the budget so I opted for an acrylic Kohler Archer tub. The toilet is a water saving dual flush with clean lines – Toto Aquia II.

dual flush toilet

deep soaking tub and white marble shelving in the niche

bathroom floor is in!

Finally, the Cuban floor tiles that I chose were installed. They are from the Cuban Heritage Collection at Villa Lagoon Tile. They are encaustic cement tiles. Tiles like these are prevalent in other places like Spain and Morocco. The technique came to Havana Cuba in the late 1800s and local designers quickly developed patterns that were unique to Cuba. This book Havana Tile Designs is a good source of patterns.

floor tiles installed

cuban floor tiles at the pegu club

The Pegu Club is a cocktail lounge on the northern edge of Soho that transports you to another time and place. It is dark and mysterious, the perfect setting for a scene in a spy thriller. You expect to turn around at any moment and see Lauren Bacall. They make perfect cocktails. They have Cuban floor tiles in the bathrooms. I wish I knew where they get their martini glasses.

a perfect dirty martini

cuban floor tiles at the pegu club

cuban floor tiles

The inspiration for my bathroom renovation begins with Cuban floor tiles. Maybe it is a memory thing. Feeling cool cement tiles under my bare feet was alway comforting. Probably because I started crawling and took my first steps on Cuban floor tiles.

a great aunt standing on Cuban floor tiles Cienfuegos Cuba 1929

My great uncle Diego in Cienfuegos Cuba

For a look at the tile I ended up choosing see here.