go bold or go home

I started repainting the apartment last winter and in the typical fashion of a color coward, I kept choosing light colors because it is a small apartment. They say light reflects light and light colors will make the room feel bigger. So that’s what I do. O. says the house looks like a baby nursery gone wrong.

I’ve decided to shed my in-the-box thinking about light colors and go bold – beginning with the entryway. O. likes the idea of a citron color to greet our visitors and I’ve always liked the color of the inside of butternut squash. These colors in venetian plaster would look vibrant and alive, the opposite of the muddy color I attempted before (seen in this post -and here is the before before photo of the entryway). I am still enamored of the idea of adding big molding to the two doors in the hallway. But what color should the molding be? The opposite exposed brick wall will be filled with family photographs all in black frames. Should the moulding be black, white, grey or something else? And what about the metal door that leads outside, that is visible from the living room,  what color should that be? These are questions, which I hope you; my designy friends can help me with by leaving your comments and valuable two cents.

my favorite yellowish citron is Frank Ochre from Malabrigo Yarns