super simple seed stitch baby blanket

When new babies come, it’s a good excuse to knit a project that is useful and hopefully will become something that the small child will find comforting and love for a long time. A simple baby blanket is a relaxing knit that you can do while you watch suspenseful TV shows and don’t have to pay attention to the pattern. It gives you a good excuse to binge-watch on cold winter weekends because you are doing something productive with your hands while your eyes are glued to the screen.

I wanted to make a blanket for my niece’s first baby. She knew she was carrying a baby boy. There are a lot of girls in our family on every single side, so this was pretty big news.  In a family that’s been swimming in warrior princesses for generations, I wanted to acknowledge the maleness of the child in the color of the yarn. Yes – I was getting blue yarn. But it could not be baby blue. I would not like to be knitting baby blue for as long as I would need to make the blanket. A small hat would be all I could handle of that color.

Baby D. in his blue-green blanket

Baby D. in his blue-green blanket

I went to my local yarn store Downtown Yarns and went straight to the shelves of Malabrigo yarn. If all of the sudden, the universe told me that I could not knit with anything but Malabrigo yarns, I would be okay with it, that’s how much I love the feel and colors of Malabrigo. The shop’s owner Rita showed me a new line appropriately called Rios (rivers in Spanish). The colors give the illusion of ripples in a waterway or a watercolor painting. I picked the colorway Aguas. It is a blue green, like the colors of an ocean tidal pool or the edge of a clear pond. A very unbaby-like blue that’s perfect for a baby. The yarn is springy and soft and felt luscious running through my fingers as I knit. It is 100% superwash merino, so it is warm and machine washable as baby blankets should be.

Malabrigo Rios in Aguas seed stitch

Malabrigo Rios in Aguas seed stitch

Because a seed stitch is simply alternating a knit and a purl stitch all along a row, it is a good pattern for a beginner project that produces a nubbly texture that is both warm and visually interesting and also helps you to master the knit and purl stitches.

For a 36 inch by 36 inch blanket, I used 6 skeins of Malabrigo Rios in Aguas. I used 1 skein of a beautiful purplish blue colorway called Zarzamora for the crochet edging that blended beautifully with the color of the body of the blanket.

Here is the pattern:

6 skeins of Malabrigo Rios (or other Worsted weight yarn giving you a gauge of 5 stitches per inch)
1 skein for the crochet edging
Size 7 – 24” length circular needles
Size 8 crochet hook for the edging

Cast on 165 stitches. (for a seed stitch, you must always cast on an uneven number of stitches)

Row 1: knit one, purl one – all the way to the end of the row
Row 2: purl one, knit one – all the way to the end of the row

That’s it; you keep knitting those two rows till you get to however long you want the blanket to be.

I finished off the edges in a simple single crochet stitch.


single crochet stitch edge in Zarzamora

single crochet stitch edge in Zarzamora

15 thoughts on “super simple seed stitch baby blanket

  1. Thank you…found my colors….so excited now ….first grandchild with have the ultimate baby blanket. Thanks for sharing your art.

  2. Stunning! I hope my knitting shop carries this yarn because after seeing your pics and reading this great article, I’m coveting it!!!

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  4. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, I am practicing before I start on my baby blanket, so I am only doing 11 stitches……more times than not I need to keep starting off my rows with the pearl stitch, because it is opposite the knit stitch. You should be able to tell beginning the row which ever stitch was used last and do the opposite. Right? But the alternating rows like you said is not working, why? Can you help please? I love the pattern.

    • Hi Christine, thanks for reading. It sounds like you are doing everything right. It’s hard to tell why its not working without seeing what you are doing. Do you have a local yarn store you can go to to ask for help? If not, try looking up a video on seed stitch in youtube. I wish I could be of more help but I can’t tell what could be going wrong.

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply, and of course without seeing you couldn’t tell what I am doing wrong. I will look at a video, good advice. It looks so beautifully easy, I will master this, and thank you for sharing that pattern.

  5. Hi ileana I’m in England and love the wool, can you tell what yarn I would use here as our yarns and measurements are different we work in Balls of wool, 2ply 3ply 4ply Double knit Chunky etc…

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