the garden in winter

In the most urban of cities, I look out my window and see a meadow. The meadow is there because of urban blight gone good. From the empty lots sprung the meadows. We call it the garden and it is one of the many community gardens in Loisaida.

The past weekend’s snowstorm brought out the neighborhood children in droves on a sunny Saturday morning when the garden was a winter wonderland of fluffy new snow – the kind that’s perfect for snowmen, the building of forts and snowball fights. It was lovely to hear the children’s laughter all day long until the snow turned blue as dusk fell. I was reminded of my girls when they were little and played in the garden in winter.

All the photos are by David Schmidlapp.

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4 thoughts on “the garden in winter

  1. i love this but i have noticed that your posts have gotten shortter, i feel like you could have really elaberated in this. i also notice with this post and the last alot of repetative words. but i still love reading your blog.

  2. I love how you paint a perfect picture with your words of the exuberance of children let loose after a long confinement. I could almost hear the squeal of those precious children! And the pictures relayed what was left unsaid and could only be expressed by this images. Good job!

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