a pom-pom garland for maria victoria

I got the fever to make xmas crafts right after Thanksgiving as usual. As there is now an empty nest and no little hands to engage in the work, it had to be something that did not require an assembly line or extensive cleanup and could be done after work as part of my relax mode. This ruled out projects involving glitter and clay. Since I like the feel of wool in my hands, I settled on pom-poms.  You can make pom-poms very easily using cut-out circles of cardboard, which was what I was planning to do. However, when I walked into Downtown Yarns, my local yarn store in the City of Alphabet (otherwise known as Loisaida), they showed me the Lamborghini of pom-pom makers made by Clover. “Ok”, I said, “I’ll take that too” and I was in the 21st century of pom-pom making. It was a relaxing and satisfying project that I engaged in mindlessly, twirling the soft yarn, as I was riveted to the TV watching the last episodes of “24” on Netflix.

Clover pom-pom maker

Clover pom-pom maker



Since I’m an xmas ornament hoarder, and have plenty of decorations, I decided to make this as a gift. My dear friend Maria Victoria has a lovely house in the country where she spends the holidays that she needs to fill up. Some red and green pom-poms strung around will look nice there.

the view from Maria Victoria's deck

the view from Maria Victoria’s deck

I used Lamb's Pride yarn, inexpensive. 2 skeins yielded about 50 pom-poms

I used Lamb’s Pride yarn. 2 skeins yielded about 50 pom-poms

5 thoughts on “a pom-pom garland for maria victoria

  1. “As there is now an empty nest and no little hands to engage in the work,” you mean now theres no little hands you can slave labor into making you stuff

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