I brag about my children. It’s fun. It comes from being proud of them.  The next best thing to bragging about your children is bragging about their friends.

Elle King and my daughter Camelia became friends in high school. Now I feel sure that Elle King will become a superstar. Her debut EP will be released on June 12th. Currently, she has three songs on iTunes including “Playing for Keeps” which has been selected as the theme song for a new TV Show “Mob Wives Chicago”.

Elle King has a molten voice and eyes as blue as the Mayan cenotes. If I had to use one word to describe Elle, it would be – EXHUBERANCE. I remember the college road trip we took in upstate New York. Elle and Camelia spent hours in the woods building a fort. Later that night when we were sitting around a bonfire, they laughed about how into it they were, hardly talking while they worked, intent upon building that fort like children, schlepping wood and sweating under their jackets in the cool autumn air. Elle does everything “with feeling”, so no wonder her music is so true.

I hope that the next time Elle plays New York, she will invite me backstage. I will bring her roses, and then I will delight in bragging about that. cierto.

I love this video of her singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers.

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