lights and action

There is movement and decisiveness in the entryway re-do. The teardrop chandelier has been installed. The sleek and skinny glass table from Crate and Barrel has been delivered. The wall opposite the brick will be a rich deep blue stucco veneziano. I will experiment with mixing in mica flakes for a subtle shimmer to catch the light.

teardrop chandelier

The stars of the entryway will be the wall of family photographs. Here are two that I’ve picked out for framing. The grandmother (left) as a teenager riding with her cousin in El Bosque de la Habana.  Below, the grandaughter makes the funny face that would send her beloved abuela into peels of laughter every time.

6 thoughts on “lights and action

  1. Good lighting and great pendants are EVERYTHING! When we first moved into our teeny house I changed out three of the light fixtures immediately – bedroom, dining area and kitchen. Some vintage, some new. It was a LITTLE too “cute”, no let’s say “cutesy” before.

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Ileana– what a great job you´re doing! I´m going to need some consulting with you on the lighting situation in my living room. And thanks for reminding me of Crate & Barrels great tables. I love the granny pix too. Keep on the good work!

  3. Wow! Everything fell into place perfectly. I love the idea behind positioning the photographs. Surely your intentions for putting a thing where it is will never go unnoticed. Awesome job there! 🙂


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