choosing paint colors with apps

I’ve turned to technology in my quest for the right entryway color. We are going to go bold and if you remember from this post, O wanted a citron color for the wall. I got Keith’s two cents – he votes for a primary red wall in high gloss. Mrs. Limestone, design maven from the Brooklyn Limestone blog, kindly emailed me with the idea of going with a dark color and using the citron as an accent color for the door moldings. I wanted to visualize the different scenarios before committing, so I pulled out my phone.

Top from left: before photo, citron, vermillion. Bottom from left: chartreause, seaweed, tucson teal

I’m using the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app as the jump off. You can take a photo of anything. Say, you are walking down the street and see a poster with a color you love – you snap and capture it. Then you can move your finger over the photo and the colors in it will translate into Benjamin Moore paint colors. When you like a color, you tap it twice and it will save as a “combo” along with the source photo. You can always return to the source photo and save even more colors to the combo. You can also search a color wheel. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just have someone pick up that can of color from the store on the way home. Easy, but not that easy. You are looking at a digital version of paint so that the color chip will not be an exact match. You still have to go to the paint store and look at paper chips to find the right color.

Next, I wanted to see what the colors would look like against the brick wall so I researched apps for that and found Paint Tester. Not only was it simple to use, it was really fun. You take a photo of the room you want to paint. You choose a color from their grid or you can choose a color from another source such as your photo library. In my case I painted with the Benjamin Moore colors that I’d saved in my library from my combos. Once you’ve chosen the paint color, you pick whether you want to paint with a bucket for large swaths or a brush. Pick the brush. You can adjust the size of the brush. Pick a small brush. Then you tap on the screen and cover the wall with little squares of paint color. You can enlarge your photo to help you stay neat as you tap away. You can also clean up paint jobs with an eraser.

What do you think, shall we go with the citron, the red? Something else?

just tap the paint color into your photo

12 thoughts on “choosing paint colors with apps

  1. I love the seaweed…great with the light fixture and black and white photo scheme, unexpected,
    and really compliments the brick.

  2. Hey Ileana! It’s Aly from Alt class. Good to check out your blog 🙂

    What cool apps! I wish I had known about these before making some hasty paint color decisions at my place… Oh well!

    My vote is for chartreuse or Tucson Blue, but think whatever you put there will look nice. Love the exposed brick, too!

  3. I like the chartreuse…..

    So did you enjoy the Alt class? I am taking a few more this month – one on content and one on photography. They’ve been great…

    I love the premise of your blog. I travel to NYC twice a year for the theatre, museums, galleries and just general walking around. Always an inspiration.

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