cuban floor tiles at the pegu club

The Pegu Club is a cocktail lounge on the northern edge of Soho that transports you to another time and place. It is dark and mysterious, the perfect setting for a scene in a spy thriller. You expect to turn around at any moment and see Lauren Bacall. They make perfect cocktails. They have Cuban floor tiles in the bathrooms. I wish I knew where they get their martini glasses.

a perfect dirty martini

cuban floor tiles at the pegu club

cuban floor tiles

The inspiration for my bathroom renovation begins with Cuban floor tiles. Maybe it is a memory thing. Feeling cool cement tiles under my bare feet was alway comforting. Probably because I started crawling and took my first steps on Cuban floor tiles.

a great aunt standing on Cuban floor tiles Cienfuegos Cuba 1929

My great uncle Diego in Cienfuegos Cuba

For a look at the tile I ended up choosing see here.

the bathroom – our first redo

The bathroom was a beautiful idea in 1992. We were building it from the bones. Like most NYC bathrooms, it is very small. The size of a suburban closet. I wanted it to feel luxurious after living with crumbling tenement bathrooms for so long. Some of the homesteaders in our building were artists from the Squat Theater.┬áPeter Halasz, a brilliant artist and principal in the Squat Theater collective installed tile on the side. He had connections to stone quarries and got us really cheap prices for stone tile. Thanks to Peter, the homesteaders all had expensive stones; marble, granite and slate in our bathrooms. I picked out a dark green slate, very spa-like. I did the walls myself in a mint green venetian plaster when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. After 16 years, the bathroom was literally falling apart. A series of leaks from upstairs finished it off. I’ve started the renovation work here. This is the bathroom this summer.